Composition of the Committees formed by the Board of the Company

1. Audit Committee:
    a. Mr. Yatish Parekh          Chairperson     Independent Director
    b. Mr. Jayesh Shah           Member          Additional Director (Independent)
    c. Mr. Sandeep Randery   Member          Independent Director
    d. Mr. Aalap Patel              Member          Executive Director (Technical)
2. Stakeholders Relationship Commiittee:
    a. Mr. Sandeep Randery                Chairperson     Independent Director
    b. Mr.  Jayesh Shah                         Member            Additional Director (Independent)
    c. Mr. Aalap Patel                             Member            Executive Director (Technical)
    d. Mr. Harsh Patel                            Member           Non-Executive Director

3. Nomination & Remuneration Committee:
    a. Ms. Vijayanti Punjabi                  Chairperson      Independent Director
    b. Mr. Yatish Parekh                       Member               Independent Director
    c. Jayesh Shah                              Member               Additional Director (Independent)

4. Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
    a. Mr. Sandeep Randery                Chairperson       Independent Director
    b. Ms. Vijayanti Punjabi                 Member            Independent Director
    c. Mr. Aalap Patel                      Member            Executive Director (Technical)